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First Marking Period Report Cards & Parent/Teacher Conferences December 1st
       We would like to give our warmest welcome and love to our new families joining our elementary school this year.  A special welcome and many hugs and kisses to our returning families!  You have joined an extraordinary school community where our teachers, staff, students and families are actively engaged in making excellence happen everyday.  
       At Al-Madinah School we love children and it shows. You can feel it in our morning Salams and our afternoon hugs. You can hear it in the happy sounds of laughter and learning in our classrooms. You can see it in our dedication towards every child and our flexibility in meeting the needs of today's busy families.  We look forward to meeting all of you and to a wonderful school year. 
Meet the Team
Elementary School Leadership Team
Sr. May Pre K to Grade 2 Supervisor
Sr. Kiran Grades 3 - 5 Supervisor
Sr. Nyree Pre K to Grade 2 Coach