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Arabic Language

Brief Description of Arabic Courses/Levels:
Students are assessed every September on their Arabic knowledge.  The assessment is a combination of verbal and written.  Based on this, students are placed into levels/groups.  Levels are basically groups of students studying an Arabic Language course together.  Levels are vary from year to year.  
Books are available online for easy access through Google Classroom and found using the links below.
We have new Arabic Books for 2021-2022 for levels 1 & 2.
Kindergarten: Introduction to Arabic letters, sounds and simple vocabulary
  • The Alphabet and Sounds through Al Nooraniyah
  • How to Connect 2 letters or more
  • Basic Tashkeel
  • Reading and spelling simple words and vocabulary


Level 2: Learning Objectives:

  • Review of level 1
  • Complete Al Nooraniyah
  • Advanced tashkel: Mudud, sukoon, sheddah


Level 3: Learning Objectives:

  • Arabic reading passages with introduction to beginning grammar rules

Level 4: Learning Objectives:

  • More advanced Arabic reading passages that are longer and use more complex use of language
  • Intermediate level grammar