Complaint Form

School Survey

At Al-Madinah we are committed to ensuring your child has the best educational experience we can offer. In order to do so, we periodically put up surveys to ensure we know where to improve directly from you. There are student and parent versions of each survey. This questionnaire should take no more than ten minutes, but will mean the world in terms of making sure our school can be the best it can be. It shows us where we can improve and how. We urge parents and students to take a few minutes to answer thoughtfully- it will be a tremendous help for us and your child.

Complaint/Feedback Form 
We understand that sometimes misunderstandings may arise, conflicts or you just want to make sure someone heard you.  We are here to help.  We take all complaints and feedback seriously.  Please use the below link to submit a formal complaint, suggestion or feedback to the Elementary School Principal.  Please include all your contact info and allow 3 school days for processing.