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As New Yorkers struggle with rising costs for food, rent, and other necessities, food insecurity in our community is becoming a real concern. Local food pantries are a huge part of many communities and can provide families with needed nourishment. As an attempt to support our community and add some smiles on the faces, Al - Madinah School began a Food Pantry Program which addresses the dietary needs of the surrounding community.

Importance of local food pantries

- Local food pantry is an integral part of any community.


- Allowing people to save money that they would have otherwise spent on groceries or buying prepared meals.


- Helping local communities become self-sustaining


- Encouraging healthy eating habits



- Monthly food distribution at Al-Madinah School

- Distribution dates and times will be posted on our homepage every month for families to mark their calendars.

- We provide kosher goods, non-perishable foods, fruits, and vegetables...etc.