Ramadan Quran Competition


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Information about 2021-2022 Ramadan Quran Competition will be posted soon J


Welcome to the 4th Annual Ramadan Quran Competition


Proudly Sponsored By: Al Madinah School & Al Iman Society


2022 Ramadan Quran Competition will be open for registration soon

(see registration link below)


Competition Date: Saturday, March 12, 2022

Registration Deadline is March 4th, 2022 

Awards Day: Saturday, March 26, 2022


Every participant is a winner

Grand prizes for 1st - 5th place winners



Location: Al Madinah School

383 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215








Rules and Regulations:

  • Only Islamic Schools, Islamic Centers, and Masjids will be allowed to register. Schools /masjids must fill out the Islamic Schools and Masjids Endorsement Form for every participant. 
  • Every participant must bring the Endorsement form with him/her on the competition day. Failure to bring the completed and signed Endorsement Form will disqualify the participation.
  • Participants must be pre-approved through an Islamic School, Center or Masjid.
  • The competition eligibility is based on age.
  • There are 9 categories. Each Islamic School, Center, or Masjid may only register 2 participants for categories A-E and 1 participant for categories F-I.
  • Each participant may only compete in one category.
  • Grand prize winners must meet minimum score requirements.
  • Participants will be judged on Hifz, Tajweed, and Performance.
  • Grand prize winners from previous competitions can not register in the same category the following year.
  • Participant must register in the higher category.
  • All participants must adhere to the Islamic Dress Code.
  • Participants will be tested in the order they arrive.


General Information Regarding the 4th Annual Ramadan Quran Competition:

  • Our Annual Ramadan Quran Competition will now be held on ONE day for all levels.
  • The date of the competition is Saturday, March 12, 2022.
  • Participants will need to bring a copy of the birth certificate on the day of the competition.
  • Participants will need to bring completed and signed Endorsement Form on the day of the competition .
  • Registration is FREE.
  • Registration is now ONLINE.  Parents of participants can complete the online registration form found on our website almadinah-school.com under “school programs”.  See Link above.  
  • Islamic School and Islamic Masajid administrators and teachers can reach out to their communities and encourage eligible participants to register  online.
  • No parents or guests will be allowed in the competition area.
  • The deadline to register is Friday, March 4th.
  • Questions can be emailed to [email protected]



Minimum Scores for Grand Prizes

For Categories A-D

                                  1st Place: 95                                   

2nd Place: 90

3rd Place: 85


For Categories E-I

                                  1st Place: 90                                   

2nd Place: 85

3rd Place: 80


For questions please contact the Quran Competition Committee:

[email protected]


Q & A


1) What time will the competition start?


Answer: Once your application is received, reviewed and approved, you will receive an email with your arrival time.  It will take approximately 10 -15 minutes for each participant to be tested.  Once tested the participant may leave.


2) What will be the format of the competition?

Answer:  Each participant will compete individually in front of a committee of 2 judges/Sheiks. No one else will be allowed to enter the room during the competition.  Each participant will take approximately 10 -15 minutes. The competition is video recorded.


3) Are parents, siblings and/or visitors allowed to attend?


Parents and guests are more than welcome to attend, however only participants will be allowed in the testing room.  Anyone else will be required to wait in a waiting area.  Participants will wait in the waiting area until their turn is called.  It is highly recommended that very young children do not attend as they may get restless and become a distraction to others.


4) Will refreshments be served?

Light refreshments and snacks will be available for participants and parents.   Meals will not be provided. 


5) Will the winners be announced the same day?

No, the winners will not be announced the same day.  All participants and their parents must come on the Awards Ceremony for the Ramadan Quran Competition.  Every participant is a winner and all will receive an award.  Grand prize winners must meet minimum score requirements as stated on the competition flyer. Grand prize winners will be the 1st - 5th place winner in each category.  Grand prizes are monetary.





Registration Link 





Islamic Schools/Masjids Endorsement Form

Congratulations to all 2019 winners, their families, schools,

and masjad.

We thank you for all your support and feedback.