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Parent Corner

Parents are more that welcome to be co-educators with us. We encourage a firm avenue of communication between school and home. Parents and guardians are invited to become involved in their child's education by joining our Parent/Teacher Association or by volunteering to help with school activities and special events. And, most importantly, we rely on parents support and involvement to ensure good attendance, punctuality, and completion of homework assignments.

Decision making in Al-Madinah School is based on transparent debates, interaction with parents, and conferences with our students. We are open to all productive suggestions and diligently invite parents to share their concerns. This professional practice maintains transparency in our objectives and encourages mutual cooperation in guiding our children to excel.

Al-Madinah regularly conducts surveys to verify parents' satisfaction and stimulate their interest to take part in the learning process of their children. Our principals document reactions to teaching strategies, changes in curriculum, and overall psychological and physical comfort with the school. These methods of collecting data serve us well in understanding the needs of our students and help us provide solutions to parents' concerns. Survey results are also used by our principals as a foundation for productive workshops with our teachers as well as embedded in strategic planning of activities and events that reinforce the role of teachers as facilitators.