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At Al-Madinah School, we love children and it shows. You can feel it in our morning salams and you can hear it in the happy sounds of laughter and learning in our classrooms. You can see it in our dedication to safety and our flexibility in meeting the needs of busy families. At Al-Madinah School, children feel safe and comfortable, ready to learn and grow. It's a place where great relationships happen and fond memories develop. And, Al-Medinah School is a place where parents find peace of mind knowing their child is developing self-confidance and a love of learning in a nurturing and secure environment.

Parent Testimonials

"What I like most about Al-Madinah School is the Islamic environment, the friendly teahcers, and my kids are doing excellent education-wise."

"I like the environment, the Arabic language my kids are learning, and the Quran they are memorizing."

Student Testimonials

"Every person in the school is Muslim, we pray together and we fast together. I would recommend Al-Madinah School to everyone to become a better Muslim"- Tarek Kurtagic

"I love the care that the teachers give. I also like the curriculum"- Sarah Taj

Teacher Testimonials

"We are more than just teachers and faculty . We need people who are willing to struggle for Islam."
- Sister Junnah Yazidi

"Because of the Islamic environment, I have time to pray. Most importantly, I get to help Muslim students."- Brother Imran Qaiser