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Principal's Message

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Excellence
Welcome, my name is Zenab El Kady and I am honored and privileged to serve as the principal of the Elementary Division at Al Madinah School. Congratulations to all of you for choosing Al Madinah for your child's education!  I am confident that your child will thrive here.  You are a vital part of our school community and your support is invaluable to continue our school's mission and vision.
Welcome to Al-Madinah's Elementary Division, where today's children ARE tomorrow's leaders! At Al-Madinah's Elementary Division we are passionate and committed to educational and Islamic excellence. We pride ourselves in our warm, welcoming atmosphere; where genuine love for children, high expectations, and character building are a priority. Al-Madinah is a place filled with the hustle and bustle that goes along with a great elementary school where dynamic things happen everyday.
At Al-Madinah's Elementary Division children come first. We provide an Islamic environment and instructional program that motivates our children to become lifelong learners and improves our children's self-esteem and confidence to become ethical, responsible Muslim citizens and leaders. We believe our students need to be nurtured in a safe, child centered environment in which they can grow Islamically, academically, socially, and emotionally. We are enthusiastic about teaching and learning and encourage our children to be the same. We celebrate our accomplishments and build ever lasting relationships with every child that walks through our school doors.
We are fortunate to have an outstanding motivated staff. Staff members are dedicated and committed to the success of every child, and their professionalism is greatly acknowledged. Our staff consists of talented and devoted professionals that work hard to meet the needs of every child and make a difference at Al-Madinah. Our parents, through their continued involvement, help provide the support and interaction that contributes to a wonderful partnership between home and school.  We take pride in our students and the community we serve and pledge to continue to ensure Islamic and academic success of each child.
We fully appreciate that children experience elementary school only once in their lifetime and we strive to make their journey as exciting, rewarding, memorable and successful as possible.