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Parent Orientation Q & A


Assalamu Alaykum families,

Many thanks to all the families that have been reaching out to us and supporting us.  We hope you understand that students this school year needed additional time to settle down and to readjust to school full time. Teacher had to invest more time in re-visiting and re-teaching school routines and procedures.  Many students have not been in school for over a year and have forgotten how to conduct themselves appropriately with their peers within a school environment.  We are confident that with time and your assistance students will quickly catch up.

As promised, below are the answers and additional resources to the questions that we didn’t get a chance to answer due to the time limit of the parent orientation.  We decided to put the information on our web-page so it can be easily translated for families.

Also, please be advised that teachers are in the process of updating their web-pages and Google Classroom.


All Arabic and Quran teachers will be using Google Classroom to post lessons and homework.  Students in grades 3 to 5 will use it to submit work for all subjects as directed by the teacher.  Google Classroom can only be accessed using the child’s school email.  The log-in information will be sent next week for all K to 3.  Grades 4 to 5 received this information two weeks ago.  Please allow time for teachers to update their classrooms.

Schedules are not fixed and altered based on student needs and staff scheduling. 

  • The Quran Curriculum will be posted on our web-page in the coming days.

In the meantime homeworks should be coming back graded and students will have taken their first assessments this week.  Assessments will be returned for your review in the coming days.  You can message your child’s teacher if you have not received any feedback.

  • For Hifz see link for details


The program has started for returning HIFZ students.  Applications will be emailed this week for interested families, however be sure to read through the requirements first.

  • For Yellow School bus issues and to file complaints please contact:

Bus Company: 718-932-1500

Office of Pupil Transportation: 718-392-8855

  • For the 2021-2022  Health and Safety Plan:


The average class size is 25 students.  We have replaced several ACs this year and all rooms are required to have windows, doors or ACs on/open.  Pexi-glass caused glare and the students had difficulty seeing among many other disadvantages.  We can reconsider installing in larger classes.  Larger classrooms were just built on the 5th floor and several classes will be moving within the coming days.

  • Toys and cell phones, I pads, cards etc. are not permitted in school unless a class teacher informs you otherwise via a dojo message for a class activity.

  • Regarding behavior we are speaking and counseling the students on a daily basis.  We have already met with several parents and we are trying to use incentives and positive reinforcement to get all students on board.  We need your help in speaking with your child about getting along with others, how to deal with their emotions and how to respond in certain situations.  We will be posting our school wide behavior policy on our web-page in the coming days.

  • Some books are on backorder with the company and we have expedited them.  In the meantime copies of the book should be coming home.  If they are not, please message the teacher on DOJO. All books are available online via Pearson/Savaas.

If you have additional questions or concerns you can message me through DOJO or email me through my web-page.  For the parents who had shared personal concerns on the chat (broken glasses etc) please message me privately (I am unfamiliar with the names on the ZOOM chat) so we can resolve your concern.

I ask Allah SWT to give us all the strength, health, wisdom and patience to help raise the next generations.  Many thanks for your patience, support and cooperation.


Zenab El Kady