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Freshmen (9th Grade)
Regents Examination will be taken in Biology, Algebra (If Integrated Algebra 2 is completed by June), and Geometry (If Geometry 2 is completed by June)

SAT II is commonly referred to as subjects tests which are offered in five different general subject areas: English, Mathematics, History, Social Studies, Science, and Languages.

Al-Madinah School recommends taking three exams: Math, Science, and additional exams in the subject that the student chooses. Studying for these exams is crucial.

Freshmen might consider taking SAT II in Biology at the end of the Freshmen Year if they have been successful in their Regents or Honor Level Courses. The test is administered through the College Board (www.collegeboard.com). Students are responsible signing themselves up for the test.

Tutoring is available to all students. If a student is struggling in a class, it is recommended that he or she speak to their teacher or the school office. There are After School and Saturday Tutoring programs. The cost of these classes are $10/class.

Sophomores (10th Grade)
Course Selection
  • Competitive colleges want competitive transcripts.
  • Colleges want to see a rigorous program and that you have challenged yourself.
  • Once you commit to challenging courses you should try to stay on track
  • Take challenging courses in subjects in which you feel confident...Know your limits.
PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
The PSAT is a test written for High School sophomores or juniors. The comparison is made with juniors and sophomores nationwide.

PSAT exams are very important. It measures critical reading, math problem solving skills, and writing skills.

Scores are reported on a scale of 20-80 for each section and national percentiles allow you to compare your score with other students in your grade level. For example, if the percentiles is 55, the student schored hire than 55% of all the juniors nationwide who took the exam.

National Merit, National Achievement and Natinal Hispanics Scholarships are based on the student's performance in the PSAT. The comparison is done with students in NY State. Awards are up to $2,500.

In order to be accepted into advanced Honors Classes, the PSAT scores are analyzed.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
We recommend taking your first SAT in March of the Junior Year.

The SAT consists of three sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing (two parts are multiple choice and essay). Each Section is scored on a scale of 200-800.

The test should not be taken more than three times. Some colleges will let you use the "Score Choice Option."

SAT tutorials are free through the College Board website. You can use free waivers for SAT Subject Tests. For more information visit : www.collegeboard.com/students

SAT Subject Tests
We recommend that our students take three SAT Subject Tests. Many of the more competitive colleges require three tests for admission. The score ranges from 200-800 per subject test.

It is suggested to take them in June after an AP or Honors Course or if you earned a 90% or above in the course.

Students should get tutoring and study on their own before taking the exam. *Recommended Book: Picture These SAT Words by Philip and Susan Geer.

ACT (American College Test)
The ACT is another College entrance test option. It is a diagnostic tests that tests the student on High School content (the materials that you are learning in class).

The ACT is gaining popularity among students. It is more student-friendly than the SAT.

Many colleges now use the ACT as a replacement for the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests. The score ranges from 1-36. Competitive Colleges look for a 28 or above.

The ACT tutorials are available online at www.actstudents.org

The Princeton review offers free ACT online demos and practice tests.

The sophomore year is a time to discover the student's passions, interests, and to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

For in depth information about colleges, visit: www.nycareerzone.org

www.mymajors.com (Interest and achievement based assessment tools)

myroad.collegeboard.com (Personality assessment/suggestion for careers and majors)