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Principal's Message

Welcome to Al-Madinah High School's website. We hope the the provided information will give you an idea of the outstanding programs, activities, events, and staff that enable our students achieve excellence through exploration. Our goal is maintaining a complete school community that enriches the educational environment of Al-Madinah High School.

We are committed to the educational excellence and moral consciousness of our students and envision a school community of learners where all students, staff, and parents are actively engaged in the education process. Teachers and parents collaborate to empower our students with the skills that enrich civic and social learning in order to fine tune the goals of strong contributions to the worldwide community.

Our goal is to improve students' academic performance through the establishment of small, safe, nurturing and academically rigorous learning communities. Students are encouraged to be independent and self-directed. They may expect to be treated fairly and provided with a safe environment in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. They will be challenged to reach their greatest potential so that they will be productive, creative, and responsible society members in today's ever-changing world.

Academic standards and expectations are high at Al-Madinah High School. The curriculum is both challenging and accommodating to students of different backgrounds. The core curriculum consists of Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Qur'an and Foreign Language(Arabic). In addition to a strong traditional academic program, we offer courses in Computer Technology, Islamic Studies, and Fine Arts. We also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities. 

We believe that as a result of the school's offerings and our combined commitment, our students will excel in learning, become better citizens, and help build stronger communities. We are pleased to have you as a part of the Al-Madinah High School community and wish both students and parents a very successful school year.