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Parent's Corner

 Parent's Roles:

Now that your child is in middle school, your role as parent is very essential to your child’s success in school. Your child needs your continued support, supervision and involvement while he/she is changing emotionally and physically. To ensure your child’s success you must remain involved and join us in our mission to help your child reach his/her full potential.


Parent's Responsibilities: 


  • Actively participate in your child’s school life.
  • Review Agenda Books daily to monitor your child’s work and progress and communicate with your child’s teacher whenever necessary.
  • Send your child to school rested, fed, clean, and supplied with appropriate books and materials.
  • Ensure that your child attends school on time every day.
  • Maintain continuing contact with the school and respond to communication from school teachers, staff and administration.
  • Reinforce at home the importance of acquiring Islamic knowledge, academic knowledge, skills and positive values.