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Welcome Letter

Almadinah School

10th & 11th  Grade English

Sr. Arwa Aljahmee


Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and students, 


Welcome to  the 2022-2023 school year! My name is Arwa Aljahmee and I will be your child’s English teacher.

I am planning for this to be an interesting , challenging, and successful year. In English class, we will cover a wide variety of  genres and continue to  build upon the reading and writing skills that students  focused on during their previous  years. This will be a challenge, but as a class we will work together to ensure success. I have high expectations and I insist that every student perform to the best of his/her ability . 


Students are most often successful when parents work together through conferences  , phone calls , and email. 


Course Description :                                  

 During the course of the school year students  will engage with literature and nonfiction texts and explore how complex characters develop through their interactions with each other. Students will also  read, discuss, and analyze poems and informational texts focusing on how authors use rhetoric and word choice to develop ideas or claims. 


Attendance/ Make up Work:

Make -up work will only be available for excused absences. Make up work will  be available for excused absences . The student must also ask me for make-up work . I will NOT give the student the make-up work without an excused absence and a request for the work. A student who does not turn in an assignment will receive a zero. 


Late Work: 

Each day your assignments are late, 5 points will be subtracted from your final assignment grade. 


Classroom Rule:

  1. Respect yourself and others
  2. Be in your assigned seats when the bell rings.
  3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
  4. Be in proper uniform at all times.
  5. Always be prepared for class.
  6. No food or drinks in the classroom.
  7. Keep your masks on.
  8. Be kind.
  9. Always do your best
  10. Have a good attitude.
  11. Use positive language.
  12. Follow the teacher’s directions. 

Grading Policy :

Exams 30%

Quizzes 20%

Participation 25%

Homework 25% 


I am looking forward to working with both parents and students to make this year great. 

In case of any concerns , feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] 


Thank You, 


Arwa Aljahmee

Friendly Reminders(9th Grade)

Alsalam alekum, 
just a couple of friendly reminders for Everyone :
This weekend inshallah I will post a take home quiz . The quiz will be on The Letter From  Birmingham and In This Blind Alley . 
Next week 6/1/21 9G2 will have their first exam( Open Text) on The Letter From Birmingham
9G1 will have their exam on Wednesday 6/2/21.
The finals for both classes will be on 6/3/21 
Oedpius The King(multiple choice)
The Tell-Tale Heart ( Sequence of events)
Rules of The Game ( Short answer questions)
St.Lucy's Home for The Wolves( Paraphrasing two parts )
The final exam is not  OPEN BOOK 

12th Grade

Final Julius Caesar essay is due 4/23/21

Explain how the title, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is appropriate for the play, or propose a new title and explain why it is more appropriate.

9th Grade Compare and Contrast essay on The Tell Tale Heart and I felt a funeral, in My Brain,  is due on 4/18/21 11:59 PM. 

9th Grade Homework

Which section of the story seems to be the most successful in creating tension? Explain why, providing evidence of Poe’s structural choices to support your thinking.
We will be writing a compare and contrast essay , so what I want you to do is to carefully read the following prompt . After you read the prompt I want you to think of a central idea that both readings share( The Tell-Tale Heart and I felt a funeral , in my brain")I also want you to write three claims that you will include to support your central idea.  The Mid-Unit Assessment prompt:   Identify a central idea and discuss how point of view and structural choices contribute to the development of that central idea over the course of the text.

12th Grade Homework 4/5/21-4/8/21


Read Act 5.2 and Act 5.3

  • Create 3 discussion questions 


Read and summarize Act 5.3, lines 80–123 (from “What, Pindarus! Where art thou, Pindarus?” to “We shall try fortune in a second fight”). Respond briefly in writing to the following questions:

What do Brutus’s words in Act 5.3, lines 105–107 suggest about his relationship with Caesar?

How do Brutus’s reactions to Titinius and Cassius’s deaths contribute to the tragedy of Julius Caesar?

Additionally, read and summarize Act 5.4, lines 1–33 (from “Yet, countrymen, O, yet hold up your heads!” to “And bring us word unto Octavius’ tent / How everything is chanced”).


Finish Reading Act 5.4 and write a paragraph summary on what you read. 


12th Grade Homework 3/30/21-4/1/21


What does Cassius’s statement “[Y]ou know that I held Epicurus strong / And his opinion. Now I change my mind” (Act 5.1, lines 84–85) suggest about his attitude toward death and fate?

What does the conversation between Cassius and Brutus in lines 102–132 suggest about their respective values?

How do Act 5.1 and Act 5.2 advance the plot of the play?