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Elementary Students at Al-Madinah School, with the help of Studio Art they will experience a successful year in all other subjects. Studio Art will build confidence, because there is not just one right way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations.  Therefore, Studio Art classes will build and work on projects with variety of art techniques that Al-Madinah School will celebrate as one community.

Learning Goals for Studio Art

“School Can Be Fun; Art Can Be Learning”

Benefits of art and creativity for kids

   Children naturally love art. Painting, drawing, and making handmade art. Art helps in building a kid’s brain. The right brain used in emotional perception, intuition, and creativity. It is the right brain that is mainly used when a person is involved in creative endeavors such as making art. Aside from this there are a lot of benefits of exposing children to art.

  • Students learn to think creatively with an open mind.
  • Students learn to observe and describe, analyze and interpret.
  • Students learn to express feelings with or without words.
  • Students practices problems-solving skills, critical thinking skills, art making skills, language and vocabulary of the arts.
  • Students discovers that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of views.
  • Students learn to collaborate with other children and with adults.
1. Raise your hand to ask ? or tell.
2. Stay in your seat unless Sr.Jihad asks you to do a job. 
3. Keep your body to yourself.
4. Share supplies and ideas 
5. Speak in a classroom voice
6. Respect OUR room, our supplies, and each other
7. We take responsibility - Clean up