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Assalmo Alikom,


   My name is Nesreen Sarhan, the Elementary Assistant Principal! It is with great enthusiasm, honor, and pleasure that I am a part of the Al-Madinah School Elementary Division. My promise is to work with all stakeholders towards achieving our school’s vision and mission. I am incredibly honored and excited to be working alongside Sr. Zenab Elkady and the entire school staff.


   Al-Madinah Elementary School is an amazing school, equipped with a faculty and staff whom are truly dedicated to the success of each and every single child. Your children are in excellent hands, and we are so fortunate to have such a strong, dedicated school community that is here to serve you and your children!


   Collaboration and parental involvement are a major factor in the success of your children; therefore, we welcome and encourage you to visit the school and volunteer in our events. The success of students involves all parties and together, hand in hand, we can ensure success.


   I look forward to meeting you all throughout the school year! Feel free to reach out to me through email, calling the school or stopping by the school. Wishing you all a successful 2017-2018 school year!




Nesreen Sarhan

Elementary School, Assistant Principal