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                   Al-Madinah School
                         Elementary Division
                       Science Fair Timeline (2018-2019)
                                      Grade 3-5
       Date    Description
            December 24, 2018  Introductory letter sent home
          December 27, 2018   Submit Topics
            January 1st, 2019   Fill in information regarding hypothesis, materials, and  resources in the rough template
          January 21st, 2019 Fill in information regarding experiment, research findings, conclusions, graphic organizer in the rough template.
          January 28th, 2019 Start working on project boards
          Week of February 4th Science boards due and in class presentation starts.
         Week of February 11th Final presentation (UPK-2)
        Week of February 18th Final Presentation (3-5)
        February 22, 2019
Display of boards
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