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Arabic, Quran & Islamic Studies

Al-Madinah has a curriculum that meets New York Board of Education standards, but we also have one of the most advanced Arabic, Quranic and Islamic Studies curriculum managed and taught by certified and accredited scholars. All students receive one period each of Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies daily, and our Arabic program has them speaking, reading, and writing pure Arabic at the end of the school year.

We also organize an annual Islamic Book Fair in conjunction with various publishers overseas to familiarize our students with Arabic and Islamic literature. Our teachers organize Arabic Speech and Spelling Bee competitions to spur students' desires to search and read books in the Arabic Language.

Al-Madinah's Quranic program is taught with tajweed and by the time our students complete high school they will have memorized a considerable part of the Quran, insh'allah.

Our vision is to ensure that a safe, healthy Islamic environment exists according to the Glorious Qur'an and Authentic Sunnah and following the footsteps of the companions. Our goal is for our future generations to be well-educated, knowledgeable Muslim adults who can positively connect with, and contribute to, society at large.


Al-Furqan Hifz Program

It's every Muslim's dream to memorize the Qur'an. However, with school and other obligations, the idea often seems daunting. Knowing this, Al Madinah School is proud to announce the start of the Al-Furqan Hifz program. The program began in 2016 and is a rigorous program where students will be required to memorize three to six juza with tajweed each school year, depending on their level. The program is entered seamlessly into their schedule so the students do not miss any of their core academic subjects, nor is there additional time allotted during the school day or afterward. Instead, the program is part of their normal Qur'an period. Al-Madinah Quran teachers nominate kids for the program. In order to be considered for the program, a child must exhibit these characteristics:

He/she has a high ability of memorization
He/she can read Arabic or is a fast learner
He/she is willing to memorize Quran and has a love for Quran and is not being forced to participate in the program
He/she is passing all academic subjects
He/she has a good behavior record and has good conduct and character
He/she has a good attendance record and does not come to school late
In addition, parents play a strong role in the process. We hope parents undertake this role by:
Following up with the memorization schedule and academic subjects in the event that the student misses subject classes
Understanding that if the child does not maintain the above requirements, he/she will be dropped from the Hifz Program.