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Al-Madinah values learning beyond the classroom. We teach our students that the world around them is another "school" where learning can take place. Every year we host various educational activities to develop the multiple intelligences and skills of our students. Some of these activities include:
  • Talent Show for Girls- An activity where students explore various dimensions of garments, celebrating their culture in an Islamic context.
  • Bi-annual Writing Journals- organized to encourage students to take risks and express themselves in addition to developing effective writing skills.
  • Islamic Schools Spelling Bee-Students from Islamic schools across New York City come to Al-Madinah School every year to compete in our spelling bee.
  • Field Trips- organized three times a year, students visit communities, parks, and other historical sites. Upon their return, feedback, pictures, reflections and suggestions are shared via school bulletin boards.
  • Umrah Trip- an end-of-the-school experience for our High School graduates. The goal of this religious journey is to focus the awareness of students on the importance of Islam in their lives.