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Precal.Quiz is postponed to Tuesday March 5th

Due to the inclement weather on Monday , and school is closed , we will have the quiz on Tuesday inshallah , stay warm and keep reviewing my dear seniors . I wish you good luck and thank you for tolerating me as your teacher 🙏❤️🌹

precalculus Quiz on monday march 4th 2019

in sha allah we will have a quiz on monday , on DERIVATIVES, using rules and definitions . only 4 questions like study guide.
good luck my Dear seniors . definitely i will miss you when you leave 

coming preecalc test on friday feb 15th

in shallah we will have a test on friday.
topic limits and continuity
please study and make a plan

precal. h.w.2 due friday feb. 15th ( ISA)

please solve the 3rd page of the previous assignment
thank you!!!