12th Grade - U.S. Government

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Study Guide of Test 1, MP 3 - US Government




Study Guide


  • Study the Following Terms:
    1. writ of certiorari
    2. solicitor general
    3. per curiam
    4. concurring opinion
    5. dissenting opinion
    6. Marbury v. Madison
    7. Stare decisis
    8. Brief
    9. Fourteenth amendment
    10. Miranda v Arizona
    11. Chief Law Clerk
  • Why the Supreme Court might reverse its earlier decisions?
  • What types of cases form the bulk of the cases of the supreme court?
  • How many justices must decide before a case could be heard?
  • What are the limits of the powers of the Court?
  • How does the president exercise power over the Supreme Court?
  • How does the supreme court determines its policy?
  • Which president appointed four judges to the Supreme Court?
  • Who sets the number of justices in the Supreme Court?
  • For how long can lawyers present oral arguments?
  • Explain the forces and their ways to influence the courts.


  • What is the federal bureaucracy made of?
  • What is a cabinet department?
  • Who are the heads of the cabinet department called? Who are the other officials in the departments?
  • What are the 15 cabinet departments? What is a department made of? What other agencies are there in each department?
  • What is CIA? What does it do?
  • What is EPA? What does it do?
  • What is the spoils system? What role does it play in the Bureaucracy? What is its advantage?
  • What is the civil service?
  • How are the positions in the civil service filled up?
  • What role does the federal bureaucracy play regarding the laws passed by the Congress?
  • What is an “iron triangle”? What is its role?
  • Secret service belongs to which department? What does it do?
  • What do lobbyists do? How do they relate to the Bureaucracy?
  • What do the following mean:
    1. Spoils system
    2. Procurement
    3. Foreign policy
    4. Power of purchase
    5. National Park Service
    6. Regulate
    7. deregualate
  • What is a government corporation? Provide some examples.
  • What are some problems of the civil service system?
  • What does the department of Homeland Security Do?
  • What does the department of Interior do?
  • What does the Department of Justice include?
  • Who handles the overall foreign policy?
  • What did the Pendleton civil service act do?
  • Essay: Write a well organized essay on the following topic. [10 points]

        “The way the Bureaucracy has power over the government”

12 Grade - quiz 3 - mp 2 - study questions

  • What is an executive order? Provide some examples of executive order?
  • What is impoundment? How does the President carry out impoundment?
  • What is a habeous corpus?
  • What do the following mean: amnesty, pardon, reprieve, mandate, executive agreements, treaty? Give examples of presidents using these.
  • Where does the president get his constitutional powers? What are his other sources of power?
  • Give some examples of presidents exercising their powers.
  • What is the congressional expectation of executive power?
  • What role does the president play as an economic planner? Since which president this became important part of presidential role?
  • As a party leader what role does the president play?
  • As the head of state what role does the president play?
  • How is presidential powers limited? How does congress limit the power of the president? Provide some examples.