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Homework due on Wednesday 03/27/2019

Writing workshop on Pearson realize.
Answer all questions in complete sentences.  

Compare and contrast essay

Students will work on their first draft. Your draft should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. 
 Due on Monday,  March 4th, 2019 

Topics for Quiz # 2

  •  What is oligarchy?
  • Geographical features of the greek.
  • Two main cities of Greek.
  • How is the weather of Greek?
  • What is the difference between deep-rooted crops and shallow-rooted crops?
  • What is peninsula?
  • The upper class of greek is -------------------.
  • Who is phalanx?
  • Two reforms of Solon.
  • Three reforms of Cleisthenes.
  • What is the jury?
  • What is the assembly?
  • What is the council?
  • What is citizenship?
  •  Who is a lecturer?
  • What is democracy? 

Thanks to all the parents who attended the parent-teacher conference.
If you can't make, you can reach me through my email or call the school office. I would be happy to discuss about your child progress. 
Parent-teacher conference on Friday, February 8th, 2019
I encourage all parents to attend the parent-teacher conference.

Review topics for test # 1

Chinese civilization
1). geographical features 
a). deserts
b). rivers
c). climate
2). Shang dynasty
a). writing system 
b). inventions 
c). surplus crops 
3). Zhou dynasty
a). family life
b). government system
4). Qin dynasty
a) steps to unite china 
b). Family life 
c). Zheng title and government 
d). Belief system 
5) Chinese belief systems

Winter Break Homework:
Students will make a book on their assigned president.
Cover page should have a picture of your assigned president and the date
Your book should have page numbers and table of context.
Page 2: Childhood of your assigned president 
Page 3: Education of your assigned president 
Page 4: Family of your assigned president 
Page 5: Political life of your assigned president 
Page 6: Achievements after becoming president 
Page 7: About the Author