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Al-Madinah School

Middle School Division


2018-2019 School Year


Dear Parents and/or Guardians,


Assalamo Alikom! Welcome to Seventh Grade! I have a very busy and exciting year in store for all of us. On behalf of the Seventh Grade team, it is my privilege teaching your child Mathematics; as well it is a tremendous responsibility. I will do our best to make sure that each student has a motivating, fun, and safe learning experience and environment.


I will be going over classroom rules with students on the first day of school, handing out textbooks and addressing our goals for the year. It is important to maximize instructional time during class and display appropriate, respectful behavior to all students and teachers. Each marking period students will be receiving a Marking Period Syllabus which will address brief description of course materials, marking period objectives, dates of assignments and when they are due and the grading policy. Each student will also be receiving a planner where they will document all reminders and up coming events from us.


I cannot do this alone – I need your help, support and cooperation to make your child succeed in the Seventh Grade. We must partner up in your child’s learning. Please encourage your child at home by following up and seeing that they have completed their assignments and are prepared for benchmarks and quizzes.


The Seventh Grade team will meet on a week basis to discuss any student concerns regarding student behavior and/or academic growth. If we may have any concern or worry about your child you will be receiving a phone call to discuss the matter. The school will also be holding three Parent Teacher Conferences throughout the whole school year and we encourage every parent to make an effort to attend and follow up with their child’s progress. Also please note, if your have any questions, comments or concerns we are available for phone calls, emails or meetings (by appointments) during school hours. You may contact us directly or call the school office and request a meeting with us. 


My priority is to be caring, supportive teacher with high expectations and the belief that every child is capable of achieving. I am extremely happy to have your child in Seventh grade, and I look forward to working together to make this a successful and memorable year. I cannot wait to see your child as a flower blooming in our classes! I am eager to meeting you all and look forward to seeing you at our Annual School Open House which will take place on Friday September 21. Please make every effort to attend so that we may and get to know one another.



Sr. Soumia


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