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Vacation H.W. Islamic Studies

dear students, 
Assalamu alikom, 
Your homework is to review the Islamic studies lessons that we studied so far from the beginning of the year till now .
Also pick one of the recent lessons and write a summary about it in your notebook.
inshallah when you come back we will have a test as we are getting ready for the Islamic studies competition. 
This homework will be added to your grades , so you must do it. I wish you happy and great vacation. If you have any questions, please email me . 

صنف الأفعال الآتية إلى ماضٍ ومضارع وأمر

ذهبَ انتظمَ يستمعُ العبْ يناقشُ نفهمُ اكتبْ قفْ ينادي اجلسْ