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10th Grade _ quiz 2 _ MP3 _ Fall 18

Study Renaissance and Reformation and study the following questions:

  • What was Renaissance?
  • What were the characteristics of Renaissance?
  • What caused the renaissance to happen?
  • What is humanism? What did the renaissance educators emphasize?
  • What role did Erasmus play in humanism?
  • How were the renaissance artists supported or patronized?
  • Who are the main artists of high renaissance?
  • What is the characteristics of Renaissance Art and sculpture?
  • Who invented printing press? What role did it play in renaissance and reformation?
  • What did the artists of Northern Europe paint
  • What did the renaissance writer Machiavelli write about in his book “the prince”?
  • What is reformation? What were the causes of reformation?
  • What did martin Luther teach in his 95 theses?
  • What did John Calvin teach? What did his consistory do?
  • What did King Henry VIII of England do in reformation?
  • What was counter reformation?
  • What was done in the “Council of Trent”?
  • Who was Ignatius of Loyola? What role did he play in counter reformation?
  • Who were the Anabaptists? What did they believe?