Young Scientist Symposium

We want to thank all our parents who participated in our Young Scientist Symposium and appreciated our students' work. 
Here are some comments from our parents who attended the symposium.

Mohammed T. Islam Parent of a 6th grader (Girls)

Mashallah, the Young Scientist Symposium was very a good idea. It provides parents with an opportunity to witness how our kids are learning and also be able to present to  parent at the same time. An Excellent idea, I really enjoyed it. 


Rawshan Shahraiar Parent of  6th grader (Boys) 

I really liked the  Young Scientist Symposium because it shows how much our kids have learned over the course  of this school year.


Naima Elmoujjat Parent of 7th grader (Girls)

I think Young Scientist Symposium was really a good idea. I did learned some information from the students, I also believe that some students may need more practice in presenting the information to the audience. Overall a good experience. 


Samanta Jahan Sister of 8th grader (Girls)

Some students needed to explain the procedure better. Overall good effort !