Al-Madinah School



Salamu Alaikum Students,


My name is sister Mariama and will be your new science elective teacher! I am a 3rd year medical student with a biology and chemistry degree. Welcome to your new elective course of Pharmacology. I am excited to be your new teacher. Pharmacology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of how drugs affect the body. Without studying drugs and their effects and/or side effects, people would not know how to treat or manage any kind of disease or illness. For this reason, pharmacology is considered a very important branch of medicine.


I am detail oriented so please feel free to let me know if you need clarity on a concept or topic. This is an elective course, so do not be overwhelmed by the course objectives as many terms you might not be familiar with. I will be sure you guide you through this course as we learn the general concepts of Pharmacology. We will have a fun and informative school year as we delve into Pharmacology. I will post most of your course materials on the school’s website so please dutifully check it every day for any updates. I will map the syllabus and course for you so that you may read ahead if you please, but I would prefer that you try to stay with my pace. Please thoroughly read the expectations, syllabus, course overview and course schedule I have posted for you. I like to teach in an engaging way, so I expect full class participation and enthusiasm. If you have any questions for me, you may email me at Below are my general rules, however read your course overview for your in depth Rules, Regulations and Consequences.


My General Expectations


- Follow classroom rules
  • - Be on time
  • - Be prepared for class
  • - Be considerate and respectful
  • - Show respect for school property and other students
  • - Hand in assignments on time
  • - Wait to be dismissed
  • - Use inside voice when speaking
  • - Have fun!




Sister Mariama Sillah






Group Case Study Presentations
You will be given a list of Medical Case Studies to choose from during the end of your 1st marking period. This project will be due at the end of the 3rd marking period of the Fall Semester. The reason I want to do this, is so that you can go beyond the spectrum of science become better at public speaking as well as learn the skills, familiarity and experience you need to properly present a topic to an audience. I plan to invite the Principals to attend and pop into a few of the presentations at the end of the Term. In two weeks, I will post your groups and the cases you chose as a group to this page as well as your instructions and an outline for your presentation.
Here is the link for your intro powerpoint.