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Sr. Farhana
3rd Grade Reading & Writing
Assalamu'alaikum parents and students! 
Welcome to a year of great change, great responsibility, and great experiences. My name is Sr. Farhana and it is my honor to be the homeroom teacher for 3rd grade boys, as well as the ELA (Reading & Writing Teacher) for 3rd grade boys and girls.
This year will be filled with new challenges as your children will be exposed to heightened standards and expectations whether it is academic or behavioral. But be assured that I will support your children at every step of the way. You are not alone and neither are they. I will put all of my efforts into shaping, teaching, and supporting your children into becoming the best they can possibly be because that is my mission as an educator.
Throughout this journey, my earnest request will be that you maintain sincere, honest, and consistent communication with me. We are a team, and if we support each other--your child will succeed. 
3rd grade is also a critical year because students are now reaching an age in which the foundations for their characters are being set. If we effectively work together, we can mold your children into righteous, kind, hard-working, and respectful individuals. 
My philosophy as an educator is to always be fair. Once your children walk through my doors, there is no such thing as favoritism. Some situations may call for being tough, but the most important thing for me is being fair, and I will work my hardest to be consistent in what I say and do.
Thank you for your time and here's to a beautiful year ahead, In sha Allah!
  • 3rd grade boys: 
    • code on remind app: @48k9dd
  • 3rd grade girls:
    • code on remind app: @kg8e3h
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