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Assalaamuaalikum Brothers and Sisters. 
I am the homeroom teacher of Grade Four Boys. I am also Grade Four's Math, Science and STEM teacher.

At the beginning of the school year, the students were asked several questions which resulted in a mission statement:


           We, the students of Grade Four are here to learn. We promise to be the best Muslims we can be. We believe we can be successful if we try our best and the only time we fail is if we refuse to try. We will treat our teachers and friends with respect. We will make our parents and teachers proud of us by doing by our best. We will pay attention to our teachers and work together with our friends to become successful. We want to be successful together with our friends.

                                                                                       - Grade Four Future Leaders


We made this promise with the intention to become the best we can be by working hard throughout the year.

The Prophet (SAS) taught us that whenever we do something, we aim for perfection. This is my aim for the year ahead of us. Being tasked with this huge responsibility of educating our Future Leaders, it is only right that I treat it with its due importance.


However, while I may aim for perfection with the students, my kids, our kids, YOUR kids, I also hope to have the support and dedication of the parents for the coming year as we collectively try to foster our Future Leaders.. together.

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I will be posting homework on the Homework page every week and I expect it to be submitted – no excuses. I will be grading all Homework.

“It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah.” (35:28)